The Perfect Retention Vanish

 The Perfect Retention Vanish is not a single motion simulating the movement of transferring a coin from one hand to the other but a precise sequence of gestures and technique which culminates into a perfect illusion! All of this happens while the spectator perceives the opposite of what their eyes are telling them, without any suspicious movements, telltale signs, or unnaturalness.
The Perfect Retention Vanish is immediately integrated into all your coin routines. You can also use other objects besides coins with the same technique! It's absolutely the cleanest vanish!
After years of study, fine tuning, positive feedback from spectators and "insiders", I have decided to share The Perfect Retention Vanish with the magic community through this HQ Video Tutorial.




- Introduction
- The Coin
- Position of the Coin
- The Approach and Landing
- The Persistence of Vision
- Errors in Handling
- The Retention
- The Receiving Hand
- Reverse Retention


- High Video Quality HD
- Extremly Detailed Explanation
- Cleanest
- Absolutley Natural
- No Funny Moves
- AnyWhere Any time
- Any use, Awesome Realism
- Video HQ Duration 20 min.